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The Club Welfare Officer is responsible for acting as a source of advice on child protection matters and for co-ordinating action within the club on receipt of any concerns or referrals. The Club Welfare Officer is also responsible for administering the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) process and ensuring that the club adopts and follows the British Rowing Safeguarding & Protecting Children Policy


At Trafford Rowing Club, a registered British Rowing Club, we adopt the Safeguarding and Protecting Children policy defined by British Rowing. A brief summary of points can be found below.


General Principles
Everyone who participates in rowing is entitled to do so in a safe and enjoyable environment.


The policy applies to all rowers, coaches, volunteers, employees and anyone involved in rowing, whether or not they are British Rowing members. All these people have a duty of care to safeguard the welfare of children and prevent their abuse.


British Rowing and Trafford Rowing Club are committed to:
• making the welfare of children paramount. This means that the need to ensure that children are protected is a primary consideration and may override the rights and needs of those adults working with them
• enabling everyone whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief and/or sexual identity to participate in rowing in a fun and safe environment
• taking all reasonable steps to protect children from harm, discrimination and degrading treatment and to respect their rights, wishes and feelings
• taking seriously all suspicions and allegations of poor practice or abuse and responding swiftly and appropriately to them in accordance with current procedures


CRB Check
All individuals working in a role that involves significant access to children (anyone under 18), or where they have a position of trust, are required to complete the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) vetting process. These include, but aren’t limited to: Junior Co-ordinator, Junior Coach and Club Welfare Officer. The CRB checks need to be updated every 3 years. For further information on CRB checks can be found here.


Welfare Issues
If you suspect, witness or suffer any case of abuse, please contact the Club Welfare Officer on: All cases should be fully documented and will then be passed to British Rowing for investigation.


Further Information
The full Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy can be found on British Rowing’s website, under the safeguarding section:

For any queries contact the Welfare Officer on: