Trafford Rowing Club-Membership Enquiries

Anyone is welcome to join Trafford Rowing Club no matter what their experience or standard of rowing. Below are some answers to some of the questions that you may have.




Novices – I have never rowed before and would like to learn.



Can I come to the club to meet you?


If you are new to rowing then you must register on a RowStart course via our website. You are more than welcome to come down at any time to meet people, but due to an increase in demand for RowStart places we cannot accomodate anyone unless they have registered through the website. If you do visit the boathouse, please be patient with us as we are often busy with others and may not have time to chat there and then.



When can I come along to start rowing?


We want you to get started properly so please don’t just turn up to row, even if invited to do so by a club member!  We are only able to train RowStart applicants at the times listed on the training page. We are also often very busy with racing crews at these times so it is important to that we know in advance when you will be coming along.  If you have registered on the RowStart programme, the RowStart co-ordinator will let you know when your first training session will take place. If a RowStart course is full when you apply, we will book you onto the next available course and let you know when this is due to start.



I am not particularly fit, does this matter?


No.  Once your technique develops to the stage where you can exercise fully in the boat you will soon get fit!  You are welcome to our training sessions during the week – these are free so there’s no need to join an expensive gym.  We also have access in the same building to a professional gym with associated free weights and CV equipment at very low rates.



What should I wear?


Just come along in trainers and loose-fitting clothing.  It is advisable to bring a change of clothes, just in case, although we have had hardly anybody getting wet in the past!





Returning to Rowing



I used to row at school or University a long time ago and want to get back into the sport


You will find that we have quite a few members in the same position.  It will not take long for you to get back into the sport and you can join a squad of people of similar standard to you.



I would like to row, but can’t commit lots of time to the sport


You will find that some of our members are in the same position and you will soon find a group of like-minded individuals with whom you can row in a way that will fit in with your schedule. We also have a recreational squad who usually go out for a paddle on Sunday mornings for those who just want to get fit and enjoy the great outdoors!







I am only in the area during (outside of) term-time.  Can I still be a member?


We have quite a few students who live locally but go to remote universities, or who are at university here, who want to row with us.  You are welcome, and pay a reduced membership that enables you to row at the times when you are in the area.





General Questions


How much does it cost?


There is a fee for the RowStart course, which must be paid in advance.  When enquiring about RowStart, the co-ordinator will be able to advise you of the costs for this course.  Annual membership can be taken out once you have decided to join us.  Student members who use facilities only in term-time (or only out of term time) pay a much reduced membership. For further details on membership fees, please email the club Treasurer.





What do I need for Racing?



British Rowing Racing Licence


You first of all need an annual British Rowing racing licence. For details of what the licence covers or to register online, visit the British Rowing web site. If you don’t have an annual racing licence, you will not be able to compete for the club. The old “Day Tickets” for one off races are no longer available.


For senior members of British Rowing, an annual racing licence is around £40 per year, but if you are new to the sport, or are a junior/student, you can get an racing licence at a discounted rate. If you do not intend to race, you do not need a racing licence, but you’ll miss out on the free monthly magazine “Rowing & Regatta”!



Racing Kit


British Rowing rules are that crew members should wear the same kit at race events. Trafford’s official racing kit is a black/green “All in One” as a minimum. However we have a number of different items of racing kit. Go to our Club Kit page for full details of Trafford RC kit available.