Trafford Rowing Club-Membership costs


Membership rates for 2013-2014 effective from 1st July 2013 are as follows:






1st July 2014 to
30th June 2015
Discount if pay by
1st August 2014
Ordinary £210 £20
Junior 1 £50 annual membership + £30 per calendar month £0
Full Time Student 5 £100 £0
Coxing £15 n/a
Country £50 n/a
Life n/a n/a
Annual Racking 2 £55 n/a
RowStart & new Joiners 3 Pro-rata
1 Members under 18 years old will generally be expected to be members of the Junior Squad and therefore
managed by the Junior Coach. However, it may be deemed beneficial for some members who fall in the upper range of the junior classification to join the senior/recreational squads. Where this is the case, they will be subject to the terms and conditions of Senior Membership. These cases will generally be by exception.
Licensing of private boats is the responsibility of the owner. All private boats MUST be insured.
3 A pro-rata amount based on the number of full months from the end of Row Start / start date to the end of June..
4 A further family discount is available for families – please see the Treasurer for details
A fee of £50 (without elibility for discount) is payable for student rowing in the summer only