Trafford Rowing Club-Coxing


Most people who join the club, do so to row or scull. However coxes are some of the most important people in the club! The cox is always in charge of a boat and a crew. The cox steers the boat using a rudder, and shouts instructions at those who are rowing! A good cox can have a big effect on the way their crew rows.


Maybe you’re not a cox but you’d like to be part of a team, to coach and encourage, and enjoy being on the water on a sunny morning! If you don’t fancy rowing or sculling yourself, but would like to give orders and look after expensive racing boats – coxing may be for you! Come and join us – it’s not hard and we’ll teach you how to do it.


Are you an experienced cox? Trafford RC has a wide range of crews from competition-hungry to recreational, including senior men and women, veteran, juniors and novices.


A coxing guide is available here.