Trafford Rowing Club-Boats


Trafford RC is a small club, however we do have a good range of equipment. Our fleet consists of 29 boats from eights to singles, as well as two Concept 2 indoor rowing machines.  As many of our boats are un-named, their make, MSC Co. Licences and Tideway numbers are displayed in brackets for easier identification.


Single & Double Scull Booking Procedure


If you would like to use a single or double scull you must book it out in advance.  In the summer weekly booking sheets can be found on the Captain’s notice board at the back of the boathouse.  This system is in use to stop people double booking sculls.


To use the following boats you must be a competent sculler and have permission from the Club Captain:


Singles: The White Boat, TBB, Prometheus, Atlas, New Aylings.


Doubles: Peter Little & Indefatigable.



There are a number of other boats in the Trafford boathouse, but these tend to be private boats and are not for club use. If you are unsure as to which boat you can use, just contact the Club Captain for more information.




No. seats Number Boat Number Weight Manufacturer
1x 7724 The White boat TRF 109 75KG 1x Burgashell
1x 7725 Pan N/A 90KG 1x Wooden 1x
1x 7726 The Black Boat 108 90KG 1x Burgashell
1x 7727 Prometheus 111 85KG 1x Aylings
1x 7728 Icarus 105 80KG 1x Burgashell
1x 7729 Erato 102 75KG 1x Janousek
1x 7730 Atlas 101 95KG 1x Aylings
1x 7735 Robbo n/a 80KG 1x wooden 1x
1x 7736 The blue boat 106 75KG 1x Burgashell
1x 8306 Niobe 103 80KG 1x Burgashell
1x 8307 Bridgewater 110 95KG 1x Aylings
1x 7731 Aylings 301 private boat
1x 7732 Aylings 357 private boat
1x 8300 Filippi 303 private boat
1x 7734 Janousek 302 private boat
2x 8308 Indefatigable 206 75KG 2x Aylings
2x 8310 Cwd-y- lli 202 75KG 2x / 2- Janousek
2x 8311 Peter Little 201 95KG 2x / 2- Aylings
2x 8312 Simon Dawkins 203 80KG 2x Janousek
2x 8309 Stelph STP 605 Private boat
4+ 8292 Simon 404 Janousek
4+ 8314 Rose Rage 401 85KG 4+/x Janousek
4+ 8315 Geoff Baker N/A 4 +/- Wooden 4x+
4+ 8316 Athena 402 70KG 4+/x Janousek
4+ 8317 Jolly Trafford 403 80KG 4+ Janousek
4x 8319 Penny J 405 85KG 4x/- Janousek
4x 8275 Phil Dewdney 407 95KG 4x- Janousek
4x 8318 Grey Quad N/A 4x- Private boat
8+ 8276 Achilles 803 8+ Hwt Janousek
8+ 8277 Derek Chandler 805 8+ 70kg women’s Janousek
8+ 8278 Ronnie Potter 802 8+ 95kg Men’s Sykes
8+ 8305 Ken Ball 801 8+ 85kg ERB
8306 AHOY N/A Training boat
8307 AHOY N/A Training boat
8308 AHOY N/A Training boat
8309 AHOY N/A Training boat
8310 Virus N/A Training Boat
8311 AHOY N/A Training Boat
8312 AHOY N/A Training Boat
8313 AHOY N/A Training Boat
8314 AHOY N/A Training Boat