Trafford Rowing Club-Club Awards

Every year at Trafford Rowing Club’s Annual Dinner, a number of awards are presented to members of the club for their achievements in rowing, or their contribution to the club over the years. In 2006, two new trophies were presented for the first time to the “Best Newcomer” to the sport, and “Best Junior” member of the club.  In 2007, a new award was introduced to recognise the contribution of the veteran squad, and in 2008 – The Golden Crab.

The Ken Jolley Trophy

Awarded to a racing member, or members, of the club for rowing achievement.  Any member of the Senior Men’s, Women’s, Veteran, or Junior racing squads is eligible for this award. First awarded in 1991, the winner or winners of the Ken Jolley Trophy are chosen by the Club Captain.

Previous winners are:

2014 – The Junior Squad
2013 – Andy Sykes
2012 – Simon Porter, Dan Hopkinson, Mark Smith, Max Morgan – Helen Matthews
2011 – Chris Barton, Carly Barton
2010 – Tanya Taylor
2009 – Ron Potter
2008 – Peter Grady, Mike Arnold
2007 – Manue Chardon, Kathy Josefsen, Tanya Taylor, Tracey Summers, Portia Wing
2006 – Emma Jones
2005 – Dan McEwen, Giles Gamon, Erik Dinandt, Mark Hamer, Suboda Weerasinghe
2004 – Justin Hobson
2003 – The Women’s Squad
2002 – Paul Howe
2001 – Ron Potter, Claire McGhee
2000 – Pete Abbot, Ron Potter
1999 – Laura Griffin
1998 – Laura Griffin
1997 – Ron Potter
1996 – The Veteran Squad
1995 – Ben McCann
1994 – Nabil Speakes
1993 – Nabil Speakes
1992 – Martin Chandler
1991 – Martin Chandler


The President’s Trophy

Awarded for “Outstanding Contribution” to Trafford RC. Any member of the club is eligible for this award.  Donated by Derek Chandler and first awarded in 1999, the winner or winners of The President’s Trophy are chosen by the Club Captain.

Previous winners are:

2014 – John Hagger
2013 – Chris and Carly Barton
2012 – Adrian Bill
2011 – Andy Sykes
2010 – Andy Lowe
2009 – Richard Taylor
2008 – Mark Hamer
2007 – Dorian Hames
2006 – Kathy Josefsen
2005 – Ron Potter
2004 – David Peckitt
2003 – Tanya Taylor
2002 – Mike Chivers
2001 – Dave Westwell
2000 – No Winner
1999 – Mark Garland

The Bridgewater Cup

Awarded to the “Best Junior Member”. Any junior member of the club, aged 18 or under, is eligible for this award.  Donated by Richard & Tanya Taylor and first awarded in 2006, the winner or winners, of The Bridgewater Cup are chosen by the Junior Vice-Captain.

Previous winners are:

2014 – Sam Johnson
2013 – Larry Carr
2012 – Freya Sykes
2011 – Ben Archer
2010 – Kernius Malys
2009 – Will Robinson
2008 – Ralph Taylor
2007 – Portia Wing
2006 – Matthew Robinson

The Trafford Cup

Awarded to the “Best Newcomer” to the sport of rowing at Trafford RC. Any member who has learnt to row at Trafford RC and is in their first eighteen months at the club is eligible for this award.  First awarded in 2006 the winner or winners of The Trafford Cup are chosen by the club’s Vice-Captains.

Previous winners are:

2014 – Emma Perkins / Angus Bangs
2013 – Mike Fildes
2012 – Jo Payne
2011 – Paul Little
2010 – Ruth Handbury
2009 – Nathan Pamma
2008 – Rosie Burgess
2007 – Hywel Benjamin
2006 – David Mikoska

Junior Endeavour Award 

This is to recognise junior contribution to the club and is decided by the Junior coordinator.  Donated by Derek Chandler in 2013.

2014 – Nicola Hamer / Georgia Rice
2013 – Victoria Alderson

The Metrovics Cup

Awarded to a member, or members, of the Veteran Squad in recognition of their contribution to veteran rowing at Trafford RC.  Any member of the club over the age of 31 is eligible for this award. Donated by the founding members of Metrovics Boat Club and first awarded in 2007, the winner or winners of The Metrovics Cup, are chosen by members of the Veteran Squad.

Previous winners are:

2014 – Dave Willat
2013 – Claire Nicholls
2012 – Dave Westwell
2011 – Peter Grady
2010 – Peter Grady
2009 – Lorna Dunn
2008 – Claire Nicholls
2007 – Mike Arnold

The Bridgewater 4

Fashioned in the shape of a propeller blade, this award was first presented in 1966 by the Metrovics Rowing Club for the fastest visiting four to the Annual Bridgewater Head (now Trafford Head).  The trophy was last presented to a visiting club in 1982, after which it disappeared.  However, whilst cleaning out their boathouse, Hollingworth Lake RC re-discovered the trophy and after a 25 year absence it was returned to its rightful home.  After such a long period of absence, the Committee decided that the trophy would in future be presented to the fastest Trafford four or quad scull competing at Trafford Head, whether male, female, mixed, senior, junior or veteran.

Previous winners are:

2014 – Luke Bates, Ollie Irwin, Joe Issa, Ben Pratley
2013 – Bronya & Amy / Warrington RC
2012 – Ailbhe, Helen M, Louise, Jo & Josh
2011 – W IM3 4+ (Sarah Bennett, Cassi Admas, Rhainnon Evans, Carly Barton, Patrick the cox)
2010 – M IM3 4+ (Nathan Pamma, Elliot Parks, Andy Sykes, Andy Welling, Helen)
2008/09 – M S2 4+ (Andy Sykes, Roy Barry, Simon Weeks, Hywel Benjamin, Abi Stevenson)
2007 – M Vet E 4x  (Peter Grady, Ron Potter, Mike Arnold, Steve Thompson)
1983 – 2006 – Missing in Action
1982 – Hollingworth Lake RC
1981 – Hollingworth Lake RC
1978/80 – No Winners
1977 – Northwich RC
1976 – Northwich RC
1975 – No Winners
1974 – Northwich RC
1973 – Bradford ARC
1972 – Bradford ARC
1971 – No Winners
1970 – Manchester University BC
1969 – Manchester University BC
1968 – Nottingham University BC
1967 – Lancaster University BC
1966 – Nottingham BC

The Golden Crab

The award, unsurprisingly fashioned in the shape of a golden crab, is a fun award presented to the club member who has made the biggest fool of themselves since the previous Annual Dinner.  Donated by Hywel Benjamin and first awarded in 2008, The Golden Crab is a rather dubious distinction to have bestowed up a club member, but fun all the same!  Anyone is eligible to win this one.

Previous winners are:

2014 – Louis Mellor
2013 – Cunningham, Lindsey Greenwood, Christine Hyde, Amy Cowx
2012 – Nathan (cox) Hywel, Sam, Nick, Max (capsize the boat before they had even started moving)
2010 – Will Goundry
2009 – Nick Lindsay (for throwing his phone & wallet into the canal and then diving in to rescue them)
2008 – Matthew Cook (for rowing into the side of Lake Windermere)

Club Honours

2009 – Ron Potter – Life Member
2006 – Steve Spencer – Life Member
2006 – Martin Chandler – Commonwealth Regatta
2004 – Derek Chandler – Life Member
2002 – Martin Chandler – Commonwealth Regatta
1998 – Ken Ball – Life Member
1994 – Martin Chandler – GB Junior
1989 – John Waite – GB Junior
1988 – Wendy Hill – GB Junior
1987 – John Gill – Life Member
1986 – Nigel Robinson – GB Junior

Trafford Rowing Club-Juniors


At Trafford RC we have always realised that Juniors are the future of the club. At present we have a number of juniors who row either recreationally or competitively. In the past a number of our juniors have gone on from Trafford RC to row at international level with the GB Juniors. This page is designed to give juniors and parents alike, all the information they need to know about being a member of Trafford RC.



Joining Trafford RC


To join Trafford RC, you first of all need to register on our RowStart course. This course covers eight coached sessions where we teach you how to scull (that’s using one oar in each hand) in play boats, which are designed for complete beginners. There’s very little chance of falling in – but occasionally it does happen! However if you do fall in there will be someone on the bank to help you out.


After the course has finished you can then decide whether the sport is for you, and you can join the club if you decide to continue rowing. At present our minimum age for junior members is 11 years old, and anyone wanting to join the club must be able to swim 100m fully clothed.



Junior Coaching Policy


Click on the link to read Trafford RC’s Junior Coaching Policy





Most people who join the club, do so to row or scull. However coxes are some of the most important people in the club! The cox is always in charge of a boat and a crew. The cox steers the boat using a rudder, and shouts instructions at those who are rowing! A good cox can have a big effect on the way their crew rows. So if you don’t fancy rowing or sculling yourself, but would like to give orders and look after expensive racing boats – coxing may be for you!



Junior Fees

Money! This is the section that parents are interested in! The initial RowStart course has a set fee of £80. If your child decides to join the club at the end of the course, annual membership is currently £40 with a monthly charge of £30.  The club years starts on 1st July and new members pay a pro-rata membership fee based on the number of months until the 1st July.  We also have an annual coxes fee of £10.
Competing does incur other costs. First of all you have to be a member of the the sports governing body British Rowing. Fees for the joining British Rowing are £22 per year for under 18’s, and £13 per year for under 14’s, although the first year for under 14’s is free.  This fee covers insurance whilst racing, and you also receive ten copies per year of the official rowing magazine – “Rowing & Regatta”. You cannotrace unless you are registered with British Rowing.  Further details can be found here.



Competing for Trafford RC


We do encourage our juniors to compete at events around the country. That’s what sport is about! Until the age of 15, juniors are required to scull – where they use one oar in each hand. From 15 onwards juniors can start “sweep-oared” rowing, where they have just one oar. The standard of junior rowing in the UK is very high and so your child will have to balance any training they do with school work. However it is possible to achieve a very high standard of rowing whilst still at school, and several of our former juniors have gone onto compete at international level. Juniors generally attend the same events as the senior members of the club as we have developed a very good club atmosphere at Trafford, but there are a number of events which are specifically dedicated to juniors such as the School’s Head and the National Schools Regatta.



Regattas and Head Races


The racing calendar is split up into two distinctive seasons – the Head and Regatta seasons.

Head racing takes place from mid September until the end of March. Head races are processional races, where crews are timed between two points over a long distance (generally around two miles, the longest being around four miles). The crew with the fastest time over the full distance is the winner! Head races take place on just one day. Trafford’s annual race – Trafford Head – is now held in February.


Regattas are the main summer races and take place from April to September. These events often take place over a full weekend and are run in a knockout format leading to semi-finals, and ultimately a final race. Regattas produce the best and most watchable racing of the year. Clubs organising regattas usually have a good selection of food (often barbeques) and drink, and most provide overnight camping facilities for weekend racing. Juniors don’t have to race on both days of a regatta – but the option is available.


For child protection reasons, parents must accompany their child to events particularly if they are staying for a full weekend. We also see Regattas as an opportunity for parents to get involved with other members of the club.


Please click on the following link to see where we will be competing this year: Upcoming Events



Kit & Equipment


It is British Rowing rules that everyone competing at an event must wear their club kit. At the moment our minimum racing kit consists of a black and green “all in one”. An all in one is generally around £35. However to start off with, if you don’t want to buy an all-in-one for your child we do recommend that juniors perhaps wear close-fitting black t-shirts and shorts whilst racing so that they all look the same in a crew. We are currently looking at cheaper options such as polo shirts for our junior and recreational squads.


In the winter, it is obviously very cold out on the water, and so juniors must wrap up warm whilst rowing. They should also always have spare clothing should they ever fall into the canal which is unlikely, but it can happen.


All equiment such as boats and oars are obviously provided by the club. However if your child becomes serious about the sport, they may want to buy their own equipment at a later date.


A list of our boats can be found here, and more detailed kit information can be found here.





In 2006 we awarded a new trophy – The Bridgewater Cup – for “Best Junior Member”. This may be for the person who is most successful in competition, perhaps the most improved junior at the club, or for the junior who has contributed most to the club. Also, if your child is successful at Head races and Regattas throughout the year, all organising clubs provide prizes in the form of medals for head races, and pewter or glass tankards for regattas. Some children often need big trophy cabinets! A list of The Bridgewater Cup winners can be found on our Club Awards page.





We are hoping to develop an annual newsletter for junior members. Details will be posted here when available.



At Trafford RC, the Junior Coordinator is Andy Sykes who is CRB registered. We also have an appointed Club Welfare Officer who is CRB registered.


The Club Welfare Officer is Helen Sumpton. Please see the Welfare page for further information, including the Welfare Policy and information on CRB checks.

If you have any queries or if you suspect, witness or suffer any case of abuse, please contact the Club Welfare Officer on:



Trafford Rowing Club-Committee


The new Trafford RC Committee is elected at the AGM at the end of June, and takes office from 1st September.  New members should see our page on training times, or email the Captain via the details below.

RowStart / Learn to row Co-ordinator & Master vice cpatain


Paul Abbot



Simon Reeves

Club Captain


Mark Hamer



Aaron Marshall



Alexandra Hughes

Boathouse Manager


Carly Barton

Media & Publicity Manager

Jill Lees

Men’s Vice-Captain


Ross Thompson

Men’s Vice-Captain


Dave Goley

Women’s Vice-Captain


Rosy Hogg

Junior Co-ordinator


Gordon Rice

Pete Grady

Recreational Co-ordinator


Peter Donnelly

Safety Officer


Henry Law

Welfare Officer


Jackie Bailey-Tucker


Trafford Rowing Club

Trafford Rowing Club Website

Trafford RC has been rowing on the Bridgewater Canal since 1957 and is the only rowing club in South Manchester. We are a growing, friendly club who row competitively as well as just for fun or fitness. We do take our racing seriously, but we don’t take ourselves so seriously that we lose the friendly atmosphere of our club. New members are made to feel welcome and we have active recreational, veteran, and junior sections, as well as the men’s and women’s senior squads.


Trafford RC is affiliated to the sport’s national governing body British Rowing, is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), and in February 2009 gained Clubmarkaccreditation.


Latest News section. Or why not have a look at our new Club Kit web page? We have details of all of Trafford RC’s results on our Race Results page, and you can see who has won Trafford RC’s own awards and honours on our new Club Awards page. We also have a dedicated Junior Rowing web page. We are hoping to have more photos and even video streaming in the not too distant future, but in the meantime please feel free to browse our website.


If you are an experienced oarsman, or if you just want to have a go one weekend, please contact the Captain via the Club Contacts page.

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Thatcher Rock – Torquay


Thatcher Rock, Torquay – 4/10/14


The Club was represented at races as far apart as from Runcorn down to Torquay last Saturday, just when the weather decided it was actually autumn and as well as sending in heavy rain, the temperature dropped about 8 degrees from one day to the next.


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North of England Sprint


Well what a beautiful day it was at Hollingworth….. Sorry was thinking back to last year. I think I should have started with what a miserable, dreary, wet day, but what the heck!


Many learnt a lot of lessons, one of which was “READ MY EMAILS” as well as the importance of coming with clothing for all weather.


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Gordon Rice
Junior Vice Captain / Coordinator

Trafford Head 2015  


Saturday 21st Feb 2015